The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission and the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia (ERC) have the will to develop and deepen bilateral cooperation on all topics of mutual interest in the field of electricity, natural gas and water and sewerage services. The efforts of both regulators are also focused on the multilateral interaction within the newly established Forum for regional cooperation of national regulators of the Balkan region in order to develop a stable regulatory and market framework to contribute to investments in the electricity, gas and water sectors. These were the main highlights of the meeting of EWRC Chairman Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov and regulator’s members with ERC President Marko Bislimoski and the Vice-President Kushtrim Ramadani. The visit, that took place at the invitation of the Bulgarian party, is the first visit of the newly elected Macedonian regulator’s President after his election to the post of 26.06.2018.

At the meeting, the two delegations reviewed the implementation of the activities under the Cooperation Agreement signed between the two regulatory bodies last year and set out guidelines for future interaction. EWRC is ready to support the Macedonian side in the European directives and regulations implementation in the national legislation and to assist its western neighbors in the complicated pre-accession negotiations on the Energy Chapter, EWRC chairman Ivan Ivanov underlined. President Marko Bislimoski stressed that the Bulgarian regulator's experience would enable the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia to meet the European requirements for harmonizing the regulatory framework and to actively participate in the work of the European regulatory bodies where it has observer status.

The heads of the two national regulators exchanged information on a wide range of issues of mutual interest in the field of energy and water services pricing, the extension of electricity and gas connections in the Balkan region, the role of energy efficiency etc. The common position was emphasized that the two national regulators play a key role in promoting competition in the energy sectors. At the same time, they will fully support the expanding of the energy markets' connectivity between Bulgaria and Macedonia as a step towards establishing regional electricity and gas markets. In this respect, the progress in the market coupling "day ahead" segment and the active construction of gas interconnections in the region, opening new perspectives for alternative sources and supply at competitive prices, were noted with satisfaction. EWRC Chairman Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov underlined that the Bulgarian regulator posed as a leading topic for discussions within its Presidency of the newly established Balkan Advisory Forum the accelerated construction of gas interconnections in the region and in perspective - the creation of regional market in natural gas. The goal is for each country to have at least three entry points for supplies, which will stimulate competition and lead to market prices.

On behalf of the Bulgarian energy and water regulator the meeting was attended by the Commission members Alexandar Yordanov, Penka Trendafilova, Georgi Zlatev, Dimitar Koсhkov and the director of Electricity and Heat Energy Division Plamen Mladenovski.